Carlos Luis Mendez Sosa
Born in Caracas,  Venezuela in the eighties being the eldest son of three brothers, he begin his
studies in Unidad Educativa Colegio Claret where he develop habities to study industrial design in
Instituto de Diseño de Caracas, highlighting excellence in their work. After he graduate he works
on the Institute teaching “Packing” and “Descriptic Geometric I and II”.
Carlos was raised in a family of craftsmen who produced home furnishings; There he began to like
the idea of using industrial machines to make decorative and innovative pieces.
One of his main laboral objectives always was to give versatility to the furniture he fabricates and
with this ideas He improve the prestigious furniture store that his father owns today. He inicially
worked on wood giving a soft touch to a modern and utilitarian furniture line. Later he began to
enrich his work with metal, without knowing that this will be his passion.
Then with the uncondicional support of his family he opened his first business, a metal­mecanic
company, where he applied all his knowledge making prototypes, pieces and products. Without a
doubt he always look for new ways to express his creativity and his wish to make art.
Gradually with his wit and his machines he was unveiled in the art society of Caracas, then known
Venezuelan artists trusted him to create unique artworks.
Sadly, for the circumstances in which it is involved his country and his wishes to be better he
emigrated to the city of Miami in the United States of America, searching for new opportunities for
professional development as an artist.
Today, he continous with his work, inspired in the human behavior that make us reflect on
attitudes and decisions that we make throughout life